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Project Information

Will the stairtower require netting, "onion skin", or Shrink Wrap?

Debris Netting is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) 1/16” knitted mesh material commonly used for scaffolding enclosures and guardrail debris protection.

White Polyethylene Covering 70% Light Penetration used for debris containment and mild-weather heat containment.

Shrink Wrap is made up of polymer plastic film and is used for heat-, debris-, and site-containment.

Do you require a garbage chute?

Garbage Chute made of 33"Ø Durable Polyethylene

Do you require any bridges?

Will you need a security enclosure to prevent unauthorized access?

If yes, buttresses will need to be built at a width 1/3 of the height of the scaffold.

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Mobilization, Demobilization, & Delivery

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Price to mobilize and erect scaffold: [item-981_price]

Price to dismantle and demobilize scaffold: [item-982_price]

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